Ugh, regions. Kings of code obfuscation. Deans of dire design. Oh how thou hast scorned me with thine presence. But for a moment to brush thee aside, leave the code open wide, for a browse or debuggery, yet with you, skullduggery. Ugh, regions. Foul captains of construction. Proud champions of chance. With thine secrets you hide, and all your insides. Hath you properties, say you? Yet a method or two, are well hidden within, where should I begin. Merchants of misuse. Avatars of abuse. Regions of reclus-ive code are thee. Ugh, regions, may your use be sparse and your number, few. Ugh, regions. – Commenter on this StackOverflow question

Use this regex to eradicate your codebase of all regions:


Bye, bye regions!